The Cider Series No. 1: Rauschenberg and the Hills Cider Company

Cider. It’s the shizzle. Increasing in popularity and sales in Australia every year. I’ve liked it for a long time (Dad’s been drinking Strongbow Dry for as long as I can remember *shudder*), but only recently have I truly fallen for it’s charms. Why? Finally, real cider made from real apples is widely available. Cider with genuine character, cider that changes flavour with the seasons. Cider that can even speak of the sense of place, or terroir, of where it’s fruit was grown. To share my passion I’ve decided to start The Cider Series. Yes, I know the title is a little wanky but please indulge me. It’s a nod to my favourite artist Robert Rauschenberg and his brilliant and highly influential Stoned Moon series.
So, let’s kick The Cider Series off with one of my favourites. I can highly recommend The Hills Cider Company’s 100% Fresh Apple Juice Cider. It’s only available in a few pubs and bottle shops in Adelaide at the moment but it is available online here


The Hills Cider Company (taken from the About section on THCC website):

1. Utilise 100% Fresh Apples without the addition of concentrates, flavourings or sugar.
2. We support our local farmers by using 100% Adelaide Hills Apples.
3. The day we extract our juice is the day we begin fermentation to ensure we preserve the floral notes that only freshness allows.
4. Minimal Intervention – The apples and hand selected yeast strains do the talking.
5. We are proudly Australian Made and Owned, supporting local businesses and families.

Great aromas of freshly crushed and slightly bruised apples (Really? How bizarre! Me and my amazingly perceptive palate) with hints of honey, lavender, chalk and white flowers. Fresh, dry and crisp with an underlying fruit sweetness that is balanced by the deliciously crunchy acidity. This cider has hints of the developed/oxidised characters shown in traditional English and French ciders while still maintaining impeccable pure fruit characters.

So if your drinking Five Seeds, Strongbow or any of those other apple-based lifestyle beverages please stop. There are quality ciders out there made by people with passion that taste infinitely better. So much better that you may truly fall in love with cider…. But if your not convinced, stay tuned for the next instalment in The Cider Series, the double blind cider challenge.