A few photos. A few words.

Killer pho & riesling.

Killer pho & riesling.


Funky fresh.

Scary colour, damn tasty pickles.

Intriguing & entertaining Melbourne band.

10 William Street. Lardo. Sardines.

Love this vineyard, anyone want to chip in to buy it with me?

The (smoked out chilli bomb) goodness.

Can’t argue with Bondi on a day like this.

You can get it working.

Love at first taste. Like at second. Bored by third.

Simply great wine. Totally underrated winery.

My life is all I have. My rhymes, my pen, my pad.

Proceed with caution.

Time to stay hungry, stay foolish and share the love

(First off, apologies to all the haters for the Steve Jobs/Apple references littering this blog post. But he was an inspiration to me, anyone with that much passion has to be respected for relentlessly pursuing his dreams.)

Now, I’ll admit it. I’ve been terrible at blogging for way too long. I love blogging, love writing about wine, food, restaurants, wineries, cellar doors and living the good life. I love working in the wine industry and working with some of the most brilliant, passionate and talented people I’ve met anywhere. But since November last year, I’ve been focused on pursuing my dreams. Now, I’ve got my dream job (stage one), I’ve helped launch some amazing websites, I’m moving into Potts Point in Sydney (something I’ve wanted to do since age 12) and I’m full of energy to give back the love to the people, places, food, wines and ideas that I respect and have to share with the world.

Thanks to my friends, family, workmates and all those on Twitter and Facebook whose support, friendship and inspiration has given me strength in pursuing my dreams. And I’d especially like to thank those who’ve shown me how not to live my life. Pettiness, negativity and holding grudges won’t get you anywhere. Defining what you are really passionate about and relentlessly pursuing it no matter what others say will always bring positive and lasting change. I look forward to sharing the journey with you all.

A new chapter: Sydney

Well it’s been a while. Why so long between posts? Life, work, family, friends… All these things had to take prominence over writing. But now I’ve secured a great job (Online Communications Advisor for Wine Australia) and I’m moving to Sydney for work… Plenty happening that I can mine for rich veins of inspiration. But seriously, it’s been too long between drinks, I’ve missed writing here so can’t wait to get stuck in!


International Grenache Day Event :: Torbreck & S.C. Pannell Lunch at the Pot

The Pot Food & Wine

‘Last Friday of the Month’ Luncheon

Celebrating International Grenache Day
with fellow grenachistes S.C. Pannell & Torbreck Wines

24th September 12.30

Birds of a Feather… ‘Drink Grenache’

Smoked ‘Sticky Quail’ ::
Sesame, Coriander, Twice Cooked Egg & Fried Shallots

2010 Torbreck ‘Natural’ Grenache, Barossa Valley, SA.

Duck Liver & Foie Gras Parfait ::
Saffron & Pear Chutney, House Made Lavosh

2009 Torbreck ‘Juveniles’ GSM, Barossa Valley, SA.
2008 S.C. Pannell ‘Pronto’ GTSM, McLaren Vale, SA.

Ravioli of Pigeon & Porcini ::
Confit Cabbage, Lardons, Truffle Infused Pigeon Consomme

2007 Torbreck ‘Steading’ GSM, Barossa Valley, SA.
2007 S.C Pannell SG, McLaren Vale, SA.

Rotisserie Spatchcock ::
Roasted Grains, Salted Cashews, Chimichurri & Fried Chilli

2006 S.C. Pannell Grenache, McLaren Vale, SA.

4 courses with matching wine $85 per person

For Reservations call

Wine Events :: Tastings in Adelaide

Just a little page to gather all the tastings that happen in and around Adelaide…. I know it’s a small start but plenty to follow. Please email me at ben.moroney@gmail.com or send me a message on twitter @intwines


DATE :: Thursday, 15th of July

VENUE :: Wine Underground, Pirie Street Adelaide

TIME :: 5-7PM


Wine Events :: Adelaide Hills :: Winter Reds Weekend


Winter Reds Weekend :: Warm to the Red Wines of the Adelaide Hills

Now this is what the Adelaide Hills should really be known for. Red Wine. Sure they grow Sauvignon Blanc that is pleasing to fans of that varietal. That stuff sells itself these days. And they make some of the best Chardonnay in Australia. I’ll let Penfolds/Fosters (and their marketing dollars) push that one along.

So what red grapes do they grow well in the Adelaide Hills? It is a cool climate region after all, isn’t it? Well, technically yes. Ask anyone who has fallen asleep outside in the middle of winter after overindulging in Adelaide Hills Wines whether or not it’s a cool climate region! So being a cool slimate region, they should grow decent Pinot Noir? Right? Damn right. But do they get the credit, dollars and prestige of the superstar wineries of Mornington Peninsula/Yarra Valley/Geelong/Tasmania? Nope. Should they? Hell yes. Ashton Hills, Whisson Lakes and Barratt are three of the finest producers of Pinot in this country.

What about other grape varieties? Shiraz and Cabernet Sauvignon normally thrive in warm climate regions you may say. But this is where the Adelaide Hills landscape comes into it’s own. A scenic drive through the Hills shows a myriad of altitudes, valleys, peaks, aspects, soil types and prevailing weather conditions. This variety means that with careful site selection almost any red variety can be grown in the Adelaide Hills. Shiraz? Shaw + Smith, Petaluma, Setanta, Kersbrook Hill, Ngeringa and more all produce stunning examples of Shiraz that are regularly rated amongst the best in the country by esteemed critics. They may not be the ball tearing blockbusters of the Barossa Valley and McLaren Vale but they match brilliantly with food and have more elegance and complexity than you can shake a stick at. Cabernet is an exciting variety, especially when blended. Tilbrook make a cracking Sangiovese Cabernet, K1 by Geoff Hardy’s Tzimmukin is delicious and Chain Of Ponds The Cachet has been rated as one of the top Cabernet blends in the country by James Halliday.

So do yourself a favour, expand your palette and spend a day or two in the Adelaide Hills when she is at her finest.

Check out all the details at http://www.adelaidehillswine.com.au/downloads/winter_reds.pdf

Wine region photos :: A morning riding in the Clare Valley…

Just a few low-fi pics from my bike ride and day of wine tasting in the Clare Valley. Thanks to all the wonderful winemakers and cellar door staff that were so friendly. And to my Craftworks bike for being the best bikey friend a fella could have…

Mural map of the WIneries of the Clare Valley

Riding along the Riesling Trail, an old railway track put to brilliant use by the wonderful folk of the Clare Valley.

First detour, a stop to pay respects to one of the most highly prized names in Australian wine, Wendouree.

Some of the Gnarly vines at Wendouree. Beautiful things.

More old vines at Wendouree. Such a beautiful corner of the world. So peaceful.

Back on the trail, and some more picturesque vines behind Tim Adams winery.

Ok, hopefully one of the last pics of vines, but shows why the Clare Valley is actually the Clare Valley. Because it is a Valley. Unlike Henschke's Hill of Grace vineyard. Which isn't on a Hill. Just saying..

I felt kind of bad about having a go at the Hill of Grace Vineyard. So what better place to cleanse but at Sevenhill?

And here is where I prayed to the Virgin asking for Divine Intervention to allow the Jesuits to get some money to finally finish the steeple on their magnificent church.

Well, i’ll be doing a load more of these style of posts as I tour SA’s wine regions intensively over the next six months. Send any feedback to ben.moroney@gmail.com.