Mid 30s. My first trip overseas starts in one month and a bit.

Glass on the MurrayReally?!? Are you serious?!? This is the usual reaction to me telling people I’ve never been overseas. I’m 34. I’ll be 35 by the time I head overseas for the first time next month.

Why haven’t I been overseas? So many reasons/excuses. I’ve loved my life up to this point and wouldn’t change a thing. Have I sacrificed overseas travel to change careers at regular intervals? Sure thing. But am I ludicrously excited to head to DC, NYC, New Orleans, Memphis and Chicago? Damn straight.

I’m going to watch the Yankees. I’m going to watch the New Orleans Saints in the Superdome. I’m going to eat and drink at places I’ve only dreamed of. I’m visiting Sun Studios. The birthplace of Jazz. Travelling the same route Louis Armstrong took bringing a new art form to the world. Would I have done these things at 21? No. Have I missed out on some of the amazing experiences I would have had when younger? Sure. But that’s cool. For every missed experience I could name three that I’ve had experiencing the people and the places across this amazing land.

September 8, 2014. On a big jet plane. Look forward to sharing a little of my excitement.

Need to get back into it

Need to get back into it

Time to resurrect this bad boy.

A few photos. A few words.

Killer pho & riesling.

Killer pho & riesling.


Funky fresh.

Scary colour, damn tasty pickles.

Intriguing & entertaining Melbourne band.

10 William Street. Lardo. Sardines.

Love this vineyard, anyone want to chip in to buy it with me?

The (smoked out chilli bomb) goodness.

Can’t argue with Bondi on a day like this.

You can get it working.

Love at first taste. Like at second. Bored by third.

Simply great wine. Totally underrated winery.

My life is all I have. My rhymes, my pen, my pad.

Proceed with caution.

Vintage Blue // Boutique Aussie wine specialists.

Vintage Blue // Boutique Aussie wine specialists.

Love this place in the Sydney CBD, stocks loads of great small Aussie producers.

Wines I’ve loved lately


Delicious cool climate gear from a great Canberra winery. Cabernet, Shiraz, Merlot and a wee bit more. Drinking well now but years ahead of it.


A surprise find from the Riverlution dinner I attended. Truly exciting emerging variety for the Riverland.

Sharing the wines I love (and hate)

I love wine. And I love sharing good wine with friends and family. So I’ve decided to share the wines I love and hate more often via this blog. No lengthy reviews, no wanking on about minerality, extended maceration, malolactic fermentation or oak regimes. Just a picture, a few words and whether or not I think the wine is worth seeking out. Simple. If you wonder why I’ll also mention the wines I don’t like, this wonderful quote is the reason. It comes from someone who has inspired me, the recently departed art critic Robert Hughes. “You can’t be a critic & not have a harsh side… otherwise you become this total arsehole who thinks every sprig of clover is a rose.”